About Rose City Kids.

Together we’re making a difference.

Rose City Kids currently runs a number of weekly and weekend initiatives, reaching many children across the city of Welland.  Role-modeling, building relationships, and providing practical assistance are just some of the keys to how we have effectively broken the cycle of poverty for countless children’s lives.  Bi-weekly hundreds of children receive a bus ride to and from RCK, a hot meal and a treat to take home.  Each child will also receive a personal home visit from a caring, loving member of Rose City Kids.


RCK Core Values

Relationship: We value relationships because we value people.  We want to be personally involved in each child’s life.  Through relationships we are able to demonstrate accountability and become a vital part in each child’s life.

Dedication: We place value on time and commitment to the children.  We aim to be a constant in their lives.

Integrity: Our team believes in being credible leaders.  We want to live out what we teach.  We want to lead by example.

Quality:  We value excellence.  We care about the little things and the big things.  When quality becomes a value, you raise the bar. Though our program consistently grows in quantity, we never want to become mediocre in the way we do things.

Servanthood: Servanthood is the true definition of leadership.  Often servanthood requires sacrifice: giving up time, loving others when it’s hard, doing jobs that aren’t enjoyable…but we value serving others.

Question & Answer

How did Rose City Kids come into being?

A group of people got together and decided they wanted to make a difference in their own community

How does the program grow?

We “canvas” the neighbourhoods once a year and promote RCK through local parades.  The most effective way rose City Kids has grown is through word of mouth.

How effective is the program?

As Rose City Kids continues to grow, we see how God has blessed this ministry.  Children’s attitudes have changed dramatically and we have heard success stories from the town, the parents and even the teachers.

Who we work with

  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Niagara Community Foundation
  • Niagara Prosperity Initiative
  • Willowbrook Nurseries
  • Glynn A Green Public School
  • Dwight teBrake CA
  • Future Access- Niagara Web Design
  • Oakridge Woodworking
  • City Kidz
  • Hicks Lumber
  • Vermeer's Garden Centre & Flower Shop
  • Camp Crossroads
  • Young Sod Farms
  • Raydence Homes
  • DeKortes Landscaping Ltd
  • Budget Environmental Disposal Inc.
  • City of Welland

RCK TimeLine


  • Rose City Kids rented a gym in Holy Trinity Church
  • RCK started Saturday Programs
  • RCK hired one bus
  • RCK started bi-weekly home visits
  • A Program Director was hired


  • RCK rented a "theatre" in Holy Trinity Church on Saturdays
  • Saturday Programs continue to grow
  • A second bus was hired to accommodate the growth
  • Bi-Weekly Home Visits continue


  • RCK purchased and renovates the Park Theatre
  • Popularity of RCK Saturday Programs continues to grow
  • Home Visits Programs continues to forge ahead
  • A third bus is hired to handle the growth
  • RCK started a LIVE worship band
  • Junior Leadership Porgrams begins


  • All existing programs continue to grow and blossom.
  • RCK Started Parent's Nights program
  • Afterschool Tutoring is offered to RCK
  • RCK hired a tutor and an administrator/accountant
  • Fifth bus is hired


  • Purchased and renovated a building next door for our expanded programs which we called the Leadership Studio


  • Starting using new facility for junior leadership programs, tutoring, and parents night
  • Dedicated our Leadership Studio to an amazing volunteer that the Lord took home (Chelsea Feddema: 1989-2012)
  • Opened up a toddler room daycare for the children of our Saturdays volunteers.