RCK New Youth Centre

We have recently renovated the former Hope House and transformed it into the new home for the RCK Youth Centre! The Youth Centre will serve as a drop-in location for youth in Welland. Here we will also host our beloved Youth Program.

The RCK Youth Program is an amazing opportunity for students who are currently in grades 6-12 to learn and interact with their fellow peers. The lessons are challenging, the leaders are enthusiastic and the games are fun! It is a great place to be for the youth of Welland.

The new building will provide us with much needed space for our ever-growing programs. We would love to add a sports park, a commercial kitchen and a multi-purpose space to enhance our current Youth Program. These additions will be essential for the following programs:

Healthy Cooking Education

Many of our families at Rose City Kids have limited access to the supplies they need to cook a tasty homemade meal on a budget. They also have very little knowledge of how to cook a nutritious meal. A fully-functioning kitchen will be used for teaching people of all ages how to cook. This program will include lessons once or twice a week. Participants will learn how to prepare a healthy homemade meal or bake a tasty snack that they can take home to share with their family.

Sports & Youth

Sports play a positive role in youth development. Sports can improve academic achievement, self-esteem, social skills and provide a sense of purpose in the community. Opportunities for low or no cost recreational sports and activities are very limited in the Welland area. A sports park will give children and youth the opportunity to be active in their own community.

Building Hope, Building Lives Campaign

To cover some of the costs we have incurred from the purchase of our new building and to help fund the new Youth Programs, Rose City Kids has started the Building Hope, Building Lives Campaign.
We are asking you to consider making a difference for underprivileged youth in Welland.
And there is one more thing…
If you make your pledge before the end of 2017, we have an incredibly passionate supporter who will match any pledge towards the campaign. Can you imagine what that would mean for Rose City Kids moving forward?

Please help us to continue the Lord’s work and provide a better future for all of our children. Donate today!