RCK New Youth Centre

We have recently renovated the former Hope House and transformed it into the new home for the RCK Youth Centre! The Youth Centre will serve as a drop-in location for youth in Welland. Here we will also host our beloved Youth Program.

The RCK Youth Program is an amazing opportunity for students who are currently in grades 6-12 to learn and interact with their fellow peers. The lessons are challenging, the leaders are enthusiastic and the games are fun! It is a great place to be for the youth of Welland.

The new building will provide us with much needed space for our ever-growing programs. We would love to add a sports park, a commercial kitchen and a multi-purpose space to enhance our current Youth Program. These additions will be essential for the following programs:

Healthy Cooking Education

Many of our families at Rose City Kids have limited access to the supplies they need to cook a tasty homemade meal on a budget. They also have very little knowledge of how to cook a nutritious meal. A fully-functioning kitchen will be used for teaching people of all ages how to cook. This program will include lessons once or twice a week. Participants will learn how to prepare a healthy homemade meal or bake a tasty snack that they can take home to share with their family.

Sports & Youth

Sports play a positive role in youth development. Sports can improve academic achievement, self-esteem, social skills and provide a sense of purpose in the community. Opportunities for low or no cost recreational sports and activities are very limited in the Welland area. A sports park will give children and youth the opportunity to be active in their own community.