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Our Saturday Kids Program is a large group setting where children are bused in and experience an afternoon of worship, games, and biblical teaching. The children are surrounded by faithful volunteers who come out week by week who believe in them and help to create a culture of love and acceptance and fun!


Our Saturday Youth Program is a large group setting for grades 7-12. Youth spend time playing games and connecting with one another in our café and lounge. There is also a time of worship and biblical teaching. RCK Youth is a great way for youth to discover Jesus and be inspired to make good choices.


Home Visits allows our volunteers to connect with kids, youth, and their families in their own neighbourhoods. Volunteers go out biweekly to visit each child that is registered to our Saturday programs. Through Home Visits, Rose City Kids makes connections and learns about real needs in the community.


The RCK Youth Centre is open for a couple hours on a weeknight providing a safe space for youth to go afterschool. They can do homework, relax, play some pool or playstation. They can listen to music or play some board games. Our desire is that RCK becomes “home” to these youth. If we can provide a space where they feel safe and a place where they feel loved and valued, it’s a win!


The Jr Leadership program is developed to raise young, confident leaders to make a difference in their community through hands on experience. The leadership program consists of a small group of former RCK kids/youth that exhibit maturity and have a desire to give back. The curriculum is powerful and incorporates a combination of learning styles. At the end of a two year program they graduate and have the opportunity to become volunteers at Rose City Kids.


RCK Tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring that’s tailored to each child’s needs weekly for 10 sessions. Rose City Kids is able to give children the tools, help, and encouragement they need to succeed.


Summer Camp has the potential to create life-changing moments and long-lasting memories. Because of amazing supporters, we are able to send 30+ kids to Camp Crossroads in Muskoka each summer to experience “friendship, faith, and fun”.


Through Adopt a Family, we are able to intentionally invest in RCK families that have difficult struggles in life- whether it’s health issues, or a struggling single parent. Rose City Kids helps these families for an extended amount of time and connects them with local agencies and ministries to get them the help they need to get back up on their feet.

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